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Existing Landlords

Rent to Pure Living on a company let arrangement

Benefits to
the landlords:
  • Guaranteed rent

  • 12 months of the year

  • No management fees

  • Minimum 24 month contract

  • No missed payments

  • No tenant problems

  • Regular cleaner & gardener

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* worked example to demonstrate that even with £250 less in initial monthly rent, the overall average monthly rental income is £112 more to the landlord (if rented to Pure Living compared to a conventional agent).

How It Works?


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The Contract


How do we do it? Well for one thing, we do not have the overheads most agents incur. Also we manage all our corporate lets and bookings ourselves.



We bring the property up to the requirements of our guests and take care of EVERYTHING. As WE are your tenants you will only ever have to deal with us. We start paying you your guaranteed rent as soon as the property is ready to let. This could be from the day we sign the lease or as soon as any refurbishment is carried out.



Can you imagine a high street agent offering to refurbish your property or arranging a fortnightly cleaner or a gardener? We take such great care of the properties that they are often in better condition than when the properties are signed over to us.

Cleaning the Counter
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